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Active Voice In Spanish


Definition: The active voice can be found in a sentence in which the subject of the main verb performs the acting is in the active voice. Experts also say that the verb is in the active voice. This is the way in which an "ordinary" or “simple” sentence is structure in both English and Spanish. The active voice is in contrast the passive voice, in which the noun or object performing the action of the verb is stated indirectly, if at all.

Examples in Spanish:

  1. Pedro come las manzanas. The subject (Pedro) is the noun that is performing the action (come), so the verb is in the active voice.
  2. Compré el coche. The subject (implied by the verb conjugation to be yo) is who is performing the action (compré).

Spanish Active and Passive Voice

Definition of Voice: Voice is a grammatical term which indicates the relationship between a subject, verb and the object.

Active Voice in Spanish

The active voice is the voice that we use most of the time. In the active voice the object receives the action of the verb.

Structure of Active voice:

_El Léon__**come**__carne_

El Léon (subject) is the noun that is performing the action come (verb), carne (object) receives the action.


  • Francisco throws the ball out of the field.

  • _Francisco arroja la pelota fuera del campo._

  • The dog bit to old man.

  • _El perro mordió al anciano._

  • Colon discovered América.

  • _Colon descubrió América._

Passive Voice in Spanish

In the passive voice the subject receives the action of the verb.

Structure of Passive voice:

_La carne__**es comida**__por _el léon__

The object (Carne) of the active verb becomes the subject (léon) of the passive verb (come).


  • The ball is thrown by Francisco.

  • _La pelota fue tirada por _Francisco__.

  • The old man was bitten by dog.

  • El anciano fue mordido por _el perro._

  • América was discovered by Colon.

  • América fue descubierta por _Colon._

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