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You, Family & Friends

If you have been through the pages of this site and practicing a bit on your own, then you are already starting to see that Spanish isn't really all that hard to learn. In fact, besides some of the irregular verb forms, you might be happy that you are learning Spanish later in life, rather than it being your first language.

One way that you might continue practicing Spanish lessons online is to chat online. A plethora of chat sites exist solely for the purpose of helping you learn your language. There are even online Podcasts, which are audio and often video publications that work in sync with iTunes for a PC or Mac. Chatting or listening to Podcasts or a radio station in Spanish might at first be daunting, but give yourself time. You'll start picking out and understanding certain words or phrases that you have heard before. And, that is where language acquisition is best, when you have used or heard something three to five times. Then, it belongs to you.

So, as we continue, we are going to start going beyond some of the basic rules. If there are some words that you do not know or understand, you might want to have a dictionary handy. A pocket size one should do the trick.

Talking about You

In our examples, Pedro and Tito have been talking. They haven't got passed their introductory conversation yet, so let's take a look at some other facets that they can discuss between themselves as they move towards becoming better friends.


When you are talking to someone in a Spanish speaking country, they may ask you weather you are married or not. This is OK as marriage and family play a huge role in the lives of Latin Americans and even Spainards. Let's follow Pedro and Tito as they talk about themselves a bit more.

Pedro¿Estas casado? - (Are you married?)
*Notice the use of Estar. ‘Casada' refers to females.
TitoSi, estoy casado. ¿Y tu, estas casado? - (Yes I'm married. And you, are you married?)
PedroNo. Estoy soltero. Pues, estoy separado - (No, I'm single. Well, I'm separated.)
‘Soltera' refers to females.
TitoHace mucho tiempo, estaba divorciado. - (A long time ago, I was divorced.)

Spanish Lessons Online: Marriage Phrases & Vocabulary:

Felicidades en tu matrimonio.(Congratulations on your marriage.)
Me case el catorce de julio.(I was married on the 14th of July.)
¿Cuanto tiempo has estado casado?(How long have you been married? [informal])
¿Cuanto tiempo ha estado casado [Usted]?(formal)
He estado casado por diez anos.(I've been married for 10 years.)


wedding - la boda
Groom/boyfriend - novio
Bride/girlfriend - novia
Maid of Honor - la dama de boda
Best Man - el padrino de boda

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