Spanish Vocabulary: Around The House

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Spanish Vocabulary - The House

Discussing where you live encompasses many places and opportunities to discuss new vocabulary. Through discussing this we can talk from the micro to the macro. We'll start inside the house and then work our way out into the neighborhood, your ****'barrio', and where you were born and raised.

Inside the Home

One great way to learn new vocabulary is to turn learning something new into a game. By doing so, you can make it fun. Learning the names of the things that you have inside your house is one great way to build your vocabulary.

Using the vocabulary that is presented in this chapter and using a dictionary, you can write in big, colorful letters on notecards the names of the objects in your house in Spanish. Then, on the opposite side, you can write the English names. Once the notecards are labeled, you can attach or tape them to the piece of furniture or item where it belongs with the Spanish name outward. After a few days, or even a week of looking at the notecards labeled in Spanish throughout your house, you'll have them down. Then, have in your family or a friend quiz you. They can use the notecards, or they can mis-label the items inside your house. Then, you can place the namecards where they actually belong. This sort of activity gives your mind a visual approch to learning vocabulary, which is different then regular memorization, which may not be retained as long.

Remember the verb 'to live'? We are going to use that verb in its conjugated form to decribe our house. Let's look at Pedro and Tito's conversation.

¿Vives en una casa?

Do you live in a house?

Si, vivo en una casa vieja de dos pisos. ¿Y tu?

Yes, I live in an old two story house.

No, vivo en un apartamento.

No, I live in an aparment.

House Vocabulary

Spanish WordMeaning
La cocina - koh-see-nahkitchen
La salalivingroom
El cuarto familiarfamily room
El Sofasofa
La Lamparalamp
La Chimeneachimney
El cuarto de dormirbedroom
El balconbalcony
El armarioarmoire
El comedordiningroom
La mesatable
La sillachair
El estudiostudy
El estante de librosbookshelf
La computadoracomputer
La estufa (electica)(electric) stove
El refrigeradorrefrigerator
Los gabinetescabinets
El lavaplatosdishwasher
El microondasmicrowave
El cuarto de banobathroom
La banerabathtub
La regaderashower
La maquina de lavarwasher
La secadoradryer

There are numerous ways to effectively extend your Spanish vocabulary, you simply need to have the passion to immerse yourself into the world of Spanish language. We have researched the different courses online to find the best, most effective system to learn Spanish. This is what we found.

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