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In Spanish, if you want to talk about your aunt or your friend's cousin, you cannot use apostrophes that will show who is in possession or in relation to the subject you are discussing. You must use the preposition 'of' to show possession. In Spanish, the preposition 'of' is:

**** 'de'.

Ex. Ella es la madre de Alex.
She is the mother of Alex. Or, she is Alex's mother.
*****Notice how we can use both forms in English. The first example isn't used a lot.

Ex. El es el padre de Manuel.
He is the father of Manuel. Or, he is Manuel's father.

In Spanish, it is imporant to note that there is a change when you combine the preposition and article 'de' + 'el'. The becomes: ****'del'.

Ex. ****El es tio de + el chico.! El es tio 'del' chico.
He is the uncle of the boy. He is the boy's uncle.

For other preposition and article combinations, nothing needs to be done.

de + el = del
de + la = de la
de + las = de las
de + los = de los

Ex. Ella es tia de las chicas.
She is the aunt of the girls. She is the girls' aunt.

More with 'Tener' (To Be) ****

Now that you k now how to conjugate the verb 'Tener', you are ready to learn about many of the idiomatic expressions used with it. They are fun and quite useful when you want to express how you feel.

Tener cuidado.To be carefulTenga cuidado.*
Tener suerte.To be luckyTengo suerte
Tener prisaTo be in a hurryEl tiene prisa.
Tener ganas de + infinitiveTo feel likeTengo ganas de salir.*
Tener que + infinitiveto have to doTengo que ir.*

****Notice in the above examples that when you are telling somone to be careful, you use a different form of the verb tener. If you wanted to say 'You be careful' in an informal manner, you would say:

**** Tengas cuidado. Also, the phrase:

**** 'Tengo ganas de salir.' means that 'I feel like going out (at night, to dance, to the mall, for example.) Finaly, 'Tener que + infinitive' means that it is necessary or obligatory.

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