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Written byJada Lòpez

Rocket Spanish is an multimedia course designed to assist its followers in learning Spanish - fast. The interactive style amounts to an immersion course in the language: divided into 7 parts, the course starts at the absolute basics and moves on at a comfortable pace, right through to advanced Spanish. The course is designed to teach the user Spanish in less than three months - impressive, considering the relatively low price.

What Do I Get With Rocket Spanish?

The Premium Edition (for paying members) supplies you with a veritable goldmine of information: 31 lessons in the form of an interactive audio course (either downloadable, or in hard copy as CDs) from beginner to advanced; 4 e-books crammed with grammar lessons, useful words and phrases, vocabulary and exercises; as well as vocabulary and audio software games (MegaVocab, MegaAudio). The hard-copy course costs $299.95, plus shipping costs.

For those of us who want to get learning straight away, and who prefer instant access to the material, there is also a downloadable version of the entire Rocket Spanish course which comes with a bonus software game called MegaCards, for a surprisingly low price: $99.95 for the whole thing.

So What Sets It Apart From All the Other Courses Out There?

After reading through the contents of Rocket Spanish, I was really impressed by the sheer breadth of information covered. The course is huge - there's so much information (a whole language!) to learn, but Mauricio and Amy have broken it all down into manageable, bite-sized chunks for easy learning.

One of the major pluses of this particular language course (after all, there are lots of “learn Spanish” courses out there to choose from) is that it caters for all the different learning styles. Whether you're an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner, the course has integrated your learning style into its teaching style: there really is something for everyone.

What Else Do I Get?

After having a browse around, I was taken aback by how much there is on offer for free (don't these people care about making money?). There's a six-day Spanish course: this particular freebie is worth $37, and focuses on the basics of Spanish conversation - taking part in social talk, asking for a coffee, getting help, and so on. Then, available on the website direct, are literally hundreds of quality Spanish mini-lessons: abbreviated versions of the full course, on subjects like common phrases, grammar, travel vocabulary, Latin culture, pronunciation, and so on.

Is Rocket Spanish Easy To Use?

I like the fact that there's such a dedicated support team: this virtually ensures that any potential snags in the product or service have been ironed out a long time ago. Accepting regular customer feedback as part of the service means that the end result is practically guaranteed to be highly user-friendly (which I can personally confirm, having read through the whole course and used all the software).

In addition - this is pretty unusual for a language course! - there's a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You've got 56 days to request a full refund if for any reason you're not happy with the product - as a habitual online consumer, I find this immensely reassuring.

There are forums on the site as well, with heaps of active threads, all moderated by Mauricio and staff. This is going to be pretty useful if you've got any queries when using the course, or even just want to take part in an active Spanish conversation and practice the lingo.

The Best Parts

I particularly liked the way you can track your own progress: at the end of each chapter, there's a review which covers all the concepts and vocabulary which you should have mastered by now. This includes a variety of exercises to complete, as well as the option of reading a conversation in Spanish which covers the vocab and information you've just read about in the previous chapter. All this really helps to make the information stick in your head, I found, without the need to memorize lengthy grammar lists.

As well, the fact that there's an instruction manual to assist you in utilizing all aspects of the teaching style and information is extremely useful. With such a huge amount of information (and so many different ways of conveying that information to the user!) there's guaranteed to be some initial confusion about where to start, how to proceed, etc. Well, the instruction manual takes care of any potential uncertainty and helps you to map out what you want to accomplish, when you want it accomplished by, and how to use all the supplementary texts, games, and audio courses.

As an interesting aside, Mauricio (the author) uses his own first-hand knowledge of how hard it is to learn a second language, and has utilized his own teenage struggles with learning English to create a user-friendly, easy-comprehension course. I personally found this really helpful - it's disheartening how often language teachers seem to have forgotten what a struggle learning a new culture and language can be, but Mauricio has evidently not forgotten and has put his own experiences to good use.

The Verdict

After reading through all the information and using the software, I was really impressed by the quality of the course and by the incredible breadth of information covered. It makes for a pretty thorough learning experience, and yet strangely - maybe because you actually interact with the learning media, rather than just sitting down with a grammar book and struggling not to fall asleep - I didn't feel exhausted and brain-dead at the end of it. Not to say that learning a new language isn't a challenge (that would just be ridiculous!); more that the quality of information, and the fact that you can use so many different ways of learning, really makes it an enjoyable experience. Two thumbs up.

If you are interested in learning the Spanish language and experiencing the culture, I highly suggest you go now and get Rocket Spanish.

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